Welcome to my side of the fence. . .

Welcome to my side of the fence. . . Here you will
enjoy some good laughs, maybe some frustrations,
and hopefully (if I'm a good enough writer), a few tears.

Monday, April 1, 2013


We got a call Friday, March 22nd that Scott's G'ma Fayma had passed away. She was Paula's, Scott's mom's, mother. She was a dear woman. I remember her mostly from the root beers she got Scott and I hooked on--Henry Weinhard's. I also remember her for love of getting family together. Scott and her were pretty close when he was a younger kiddo, but after his momma passed away, we lost touch with G'ma Fayma. We regret that. The funeral dug up old hurts for us because G'ma was buried next to Paula. Being at Paula's grave made us miss her more than usual. There isn't a memorable moment that goes by that we don't wish she was here to enjoy it with us. 

 This is a picture of Scott and Dominic with G'pa Joe--G'ma Fayma's surviving husband. He was so obvious in love with G'ma Fayma that whenever he spoke at the service, it made me cry. 
 I caught Scott looking at his momma's grave. It breaks my heart. 
 Paula was cremated and buried with her G'ma. Paula had some hurts in  her life and her G'ma was the one who stood by her side through it all. Paula truly had the heart of a lion.
 After the funeral, we got together with Aunt Netti and Uncle Ronnie. It was awesome that we were able to do this. We reconnected and plan to keep in touch. Above, Nina and Dominic's cousin, Chauncy. She is six months older than Dominic. Chauncy (at six months old) was in the car with Paula when it wrecked. Chauncy was originally pronounced dead on the scene, but her piercing cry was heard 45 minutes after the investigation began. The local paper did an article on the accident and stated that if Paula hadn't secured the car seat as well as she did, there would have been no way Chauncy would have survived. They gave Paula the credit she deserved.
 Coming back to Ayla's, this was the scenery. The valley is generally flat and ugly, but the sunsets are beautiful.

 Scott, Dman, and G'pa (Scott's dad).
Scott, Great G'ma Heinrich, Dman, and Great Aunt Linda. G'ma really loved Dominic. She chased him around like a spry young school girl! It was funny! 

Nina opted to stay home to feed the animals everyday. (She also went to dance.) I was so proud of her because nothing went according to plan and she was forced to into an awkward situation. She was so excited to prove her "grown-up-ness" and keep house. Although that was altered a bit, she made us very proud. She is not a child, but a young adult. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. We missed each other so badly and spent hours on the phone, talking & texting. I think our appreciation of each other grew tenfold those 6 days. I realized how much I take her for granted and how much I love her. She's my sunshine. 

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