Welcome to my side of the fence. . .

Welcome to my side of the fence. . . Here you will
enjoy some good laughs, maybe some frustrations,
and hopefully (if I'm a good enough writer), a few tears.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gettin down to business.

Gross update first: my cathater has been removed! But my drain tube is still in. I took a picture of my drain tube. Looks like a hand
grenade, huh?!
I'm still on an i.v., but I am practicing sips of water, isopure (protein water), beef broth, and jello. (This regime is also pictured, lol.) I dunno how they want me to consume all this, considering it is supposed to take me twenty minutes to drink one of those medicine cup thingy's in the picture.
I was on morphine but had a reaction to it; it made me so itchy, it felt like my skin was on fire. So around 1a.m. I stopped taking it and finally told a nurse about it around 8a.m. So I got benadryal for itchiness and oxycoten for pain. But I'm still a little itchy and in pain. I guess it just comes with the territory. I feel like I'm being a big baby.
Meanwhile, I wait for my hubby for good company! Yay!

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