Welcome to my side of the fence. . .

Welcome to my side of the fence. . . Here you will
enjoy some good laughs, maybe some frustrations,
and hopefully (if I'm a good enough writer), a few tears.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Resurrection Day (Easter)

Boy, was Easter a beautiful day! Scott and I did the math and the last time we had a sunny day for Easter was when
Nina was a year old--twelve years ago! We took to the idea like no other and spent the entire day outside. Scott and I soaked up the sun while the kids hunted down two dozen eggs. . . some decorated and some plastic with a dollar's worth of quarters in each of them. We actually complained at about 60 degrees and voiced that it was getting too hot, lol!
If it hadn't been the day of rememberance of the Resurrection of Christ, I would have broke out the tiller and tilled my garden that Joe dug up for me.
We ended the day with a yummy roast and went to bed early.
I reflected a lot on what I was thankful for because Christ paid the price for my sin. I remembered that the entire bible would be worthless if He hadn't did what he said He would do. And I am thankful that I do not have to fear death because my life really starts when my last breath is exhaled.

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