Welcome to my side of the fence. . .

Welcome to my side of the fence. . . Here you will
enjoy some good laughs, maybe some frustrations,
and hopefully (if I'm a good enough writer), a few tears.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The haps.

Well, the blogger site I am using will still not allow me to post a pic. It allows me to do everything else: post a link, post a picture already used, post a url picture. . . but NOT post a picture from my computer. What's up with that? I guess you seeing Scott in his robe with a kitten hanging out his robe pocket just wasn't meant to be. ;)

So, (buttons on my underwear) this is Day 5 of my eleven days without Scott. Knock on wood, but things are going pretty good. So far, the only time I have really been in a foul mood was when the Seahawks lost yesterday. Argh. What didn't help was Dominic: he was rooting for the Falcons just to spite me and laughed when the Hawks lost. He was pretty rude and I let him know it. By time I was done chewing him out, he felt bad.

Anyhow, I am really pleased with myself and Scott's abscence. Oops, I didn't mean to say I am pleased that Scott is gone! What I mean is (am I babbling??), he's gone and I have been doing really good. I'm optimistic, keeping busy, kinda not really missing Scott yet. Usually I am wallowing by now. But I have stuff to look forward too, also. Like, the date we are going on when he gets back. We are gonna "window shop" the antique stores, go out to Berry Fields Cafe, AND see a movie (The Hobbit, if it's still playing)! I also have baby goats to look forward to at the end of this month (I am still a nervous wreck when I think about it). I have my bariatric surgery to look forward to within the next month. A lot is happening and changing, so I am too busy to wallow. It feels good. I need to reward myself, but I am not sure with what/how. Usually it's with food (I'm a an emotional eater and comfort food sorta gal). But I need to figure out what rewards me, that is not edible. Any ideas?

The kids are doing really well, too. They've kept it to their usual bickering and acting their ages. We've actually been having fun, too. I think my attitude has a lot to do with their attitudes. We are definitely working together as a family to get through yet another one of Scotty's trips. (Speaking of which, there is another trip scheduled for February! But so far, Scott's not on it. Yay!) I am really proud of the kids.

Having said all this, I hope I haven't jinxed us!

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