Welcome to my side of the fence. . .

Welcome to my side of the fence. . . Here you will
enjoy some good laughs, maybe some frustrations,
and hopefully (if I'm a good enough writer), a few tears.

Friday, February 8, 2013

My Babies!

 Talitha (her new name) checkin' out Weeble.
 Lol! Talitha looking for a teat on Angel!
 Angel has done pretty good with the girls. She likes to bump them with her nose to get them to play back. 
 This is what the cats look like while they observe the baby mayhem in the house.
 Caught the kittens playing on the "toys" I put out for the goats.
 This one is the fluffiest and cutest, but she's the scaredy-cat of the four!
 So far, these two have a home that they will be going to together on Valentines Day. 
 Back to pictures of my girls. . . 
I love mothering my four-legged babies!

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