Welcome to my side of the fence. . .

Welcome to my side of the fence. . . Here you will
enjoy some good laughs, maybe some frustrations,
and hopefully (if I'm a good enough writer), a few tears.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birth Pics--A little Graphic!

 Okay, so when I walked into thebarn, this is the goo I saw. . . 
 Frankie became very lovey and wanted my attention. 
 The you-know-what hadn't hit the fan yet, so Frankie was able to poise for a glamour shot! The bump on her jaw is another side issue poor momma had--a salivary gland abscess. It got lanced and drained the day after kidding.
 Dominic was watching intently. Poor guy kept asking what's wrong with her "butthole". I must have corrected him a thousand times that it was her vagina. He kept saying "oh". I don't think the whole sex thing has clicked with him yet. It may be time to have The Talk.
 Frankie starts pushing, but not hard or bearing down yet.
 So we stopped for a quick bite. Nothing says family like picnic-ing in the barn with a birthing goat!
 The first of several sacs coming out. 
 Baby #1! Soon as I wiped away the goo, she was a kicker and a screamer! She may be the tiniest of the lot, but she is a firecracker!
 Cleaning her off and aspirating her.
 This is where I was figuring out what to do with that dang umbilical cord. I had read about a trick that if you dry it off with paper towels it will just break away. Frankie didn't give me a chance to try that theory, since she jumped up right after this picture and tore it. 
 Momma doing her job. So the work begins!
 She's only five minutes old and she's getting her sea legs to movin'.
 Anticipating arrival #2. . . 
 There he is! Notice I clamped that umbilical cord before I did anything else, lol!
 Frankie is such an awesome momma.
 Thinking two was all we'd have, we start showing them the teat. Which they refused and balked at.
 After some trial and error, we realized there was a kid #3! Notice there's another sac coming out right behind the just delievered kid.
 Kid #4! He was a biggin'! At this point I was scramblin' and just trying to keep babies mouths clear and passed off to momma as soon as I could.
 At this point, all organization and neatness flew out the window.
 See the big one? He had no problem finding his food!
 Poor Alice and Star were besides themselves. On the other side of the pen, they wanted to know, what the heck is going on in there???
 There are five kids at this point. All doing their own thing. Looking for milk in the wrong spots. So we settled down to showing them again. To get them fed, it took hours. Melinda said this was common when there are so many kids. . . they come out kinda disorganized and stupid. Frankie was such a champ. I was so proud of her. I never seen an animal just keep calm and do her thing as well as this girl. 
 Adorable, yes???
 The smallest one, shown here lying down, was our biggest concern. She was first born and refusing to eat. She was also the runt.
More pictures coming later today! 

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