Welcome to my side of the fence. . .

Welcome to my side of the fence. . . Here you will
enjoy some good laughs, maybe some frustrations,
and hopefully (if I'm a good enough writer), a few tears.

Monday, December 10, 2012


So with Arabella being a hermaphrodite, the condition that she has does not work well into our business plan of having goats and breeding them. So I thought about what we should do with her. . . keep her so she can tell us when the other girls are in heat? Or, find her a new home? I really gave it a lot of thought and I came up with having to find her a new home. And I had a hunch on where that home should be. . .

Last school year, I went in for a parent-teacher conference for Nina. I met Mr. Duranceau, a wonderful teacher who absolutely adores Nina and her outstanding qualities. As we got to know each other, he learned that we have goats (we were in the very beginning stages of having acquired our girls) and would be breeding them. He expressed that his wife wanted goats. Eight or nine months later we are encountering the issue of Arabella. From the day I questioned whether or not we should keep her, the Duranceau's have been on my mind. When I decided that yes, we should find Arabella someone that would love her for who she is, I emailed Mr. Duranceau via the school staff email list. I told him that I needed to talk to his wife and that I had a opportunity for her. She gave me a call, came out this last Saturday, fall in love with our Arabella, and wa-la! The Duranceau's are so stoked to have Arabella. They remind me of me when I was making all my plans for the girls' arrival. Later this week, they will be coming to get her.

I just wanna shout-out to God for introducing the Duranceau's into our lives, so that later in life a match made in heaven could be played out! I know that God was laying down the path that we would later be taking. I know He knew ahead of time what we would need. Thank you!

So in the meantime, I am in communications with Jeremy, Melissa's hubby, about acquiring a pregnant doe. I do not know which doe it will be at this point, but I saw that they have Frankie for sale and I am crossing my fingers it might be her. She's beautiful and this is her second kidding. Below is a picture of Frankie. (Doesn't Left Foot Farm take awesome pics?)

My only concern is that she is actually pregnant. I am so weary of believing any doe that's been bred. But, I am learning, it's part of the business! So chin up, I can do this!

Anyhow, I will be pleased with any doe that Left Foot Farm provides because I know that all their girls are winners!

So that's the haps over the weekend. How was yours?

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